Jack Zackowitz
Game guy and Designer

The Walking Dead Social Game

The Walking Dead was the first game I worked on while at EWG. The game featured squad-based combat on a isometric Atlanta "walker apocalypse" setting. My responsibilities started off with converting Photoshop Assets into Flash assets, managing the art resources, as well as QA. I was eventually put in charge of a spin-off cross promotion game where I designed a handful of encounters small enough to fit in a Facebook feed but engaging enough to pull in new users. The game eventually became The Walking Dead Social Game: Chronicles.

Top gear speed world

The second major project I was a part of at EWG. The game featured brief races around a small track where you could only control your acceleration, similar to slot cars. Players could spend in-game currency to buy new cars and car upgrades, or spend premium currency for speed boosts in game and premium cars. I joined development while most of the art assets and tracks were already completed. My responsibilities included tuning the difficulty of each racing event by placing obstacles, modifying the statistics of opponent racers, and the amount each upgrade provided. I vigorously conducted playtests for these changes as well as playtesting myself. I also provided a premium currency conversion rate document to find the ideal price points of premium currency.

Ace Wild and the Combat Critters

While I haven't worked on this specific project directly, I was involved in an unreleased predecessor of the game that would eventually reuse basic gameplay, level design, and art assets which would become "AWatCC". The game featured isometric tactical gameplay similar to TWD social game, but instead focused on a single player character and was more focused on action gameplay and stealth. I was responsible for many of the block outs and scripts for the original missions, as well as the design of the fog of war system and tuning enemy statistics. These missions eventually were balanced accordingly over the game's lifetime. Keep an eye out for the game's release.