Jack Zackowitz
Game guy and Designer

Eyes Wide Games

I was employed by Atlanta-based social game developer for 2 years. While there I've done system design, mission design, level design, and even worked in the art pipeline. I was a part of many popular television IP social games as well as a few unreleased titles.


Paranormal Puzzle league

Matching puzzle action blended with competitive fighting game elements. Currently complete but unreleased.


Trial of Bones

My first self-published mobile game! An endless runner with RPG elements. Level up, collect upgrades, cast spells, all while the pace gets faster and the skeletons get tougher.

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Game Jam game: The Legend of progress

A small Zelda-like game made within a month. Delve dungeons, duel bosses, solve puzzles, save the princess. With the exception of an awesome sountrack, all design and assets were done by myself. Dungeon creation is suprisingly fufilling.

Entry itch.io

Game Jam game: Goatie's Halloween Adventure

Another Halloween Jam game. Swap upgrades, collect souls, fulfill your goat destiny. Here I focused on the fundamentals of platforming, level design and polish, and it definitely shines through.

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Game Jam game: Gunslinger

Made for Ludum dare 32: "An Unconventional Weapon". Sling that gun!
I was so proud of coming up with this concept, but I may have gotten a little too ambitious when adding in random level generation.

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Game Jam game: Candy Kitten

A small game I made for a Halloween game jam. Trick-or-treat,
Shape-shift, and obliterate your way through the suburban streets to get a heaping mound of candy. It got 3rd place!

Download Windows Entry itch.io

Game Jam game: Free Sample Sim

Made for Ludum dare 28: "you only get one". I enjoyed making the random face generator just as much as I enjoy its results. Completed in 48 Hours! This placed 24th for humor, so I must be a funny guy.

Download Windows Entry Ludum Dare Play Now HTML5 (unstable)

I'm always working on more stuff! Be sure to check back often to see what's new!